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Ces cartes ne sont plus supportées par iNav, la dernière version qui supporte les CC3D (carte F1) est la version 1.7.3.

Pour que le GPS marche, il faut le configurer, certains GPS ublox n'ont pas d'EEPROM, mais on peut ajouter une EEPROM I2C !

I2C bus speed selection

Some sensors (especially cloned barometer/compass sensors) are reported to work unreliably on default 400kHz speed. New i2c_speed setting allows to reduce I2C clock rate to 200kHz and 100kHz to allow these picky sensors to function properly. Overclocking to 800kHz is also possible but not recommended.

If on your board compass/baro sensor is not recognized or hangs (usually indicated by rapidly increasing I2C error count) please try setting i2c_speed to 200KHZ before reporting a bug.

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