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ED64 Plus

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Using the ED64plus with original firmware


  • D-Pad
  • Up/Down: Navigate Menu
  • Left/Right: Switch Page
  • A Button: Select Game/Open Folder
  • B Button: Go Back
  • Z Button: Open/Close Options Menu
  • Start Button: Automatically start the last ROM you played
  • C-Up: Run most recently played ROM
  • C-Down: Set Wallpaper (when an image file is selected)
  • C-Down: Add to favorites list (when an N64 rom file is selected)

Using the ED64plus with Alt64 firmware


  • L brings up the memory / controller pak menu
    • B abort
    • A backup
    • R format
    • Z view controller pak
  • Z about screen
  • A start rom/directory/mempak
  • B back/cancel
  • START start last rom
  • C-left rom info / mempak content view
  • C-right rom config screen
  • C-up view full filename
  • C-down Toplist 15


[ed64]	; Menu config
This is the so called section.
All keys after the section declaration are associated with that
section, until a new one
is defined.

border_color_1=FFFFFFFF			; 0x00000080 RGBT
border_color_2=3F3F3FFF			; 0x3F3F3FFF RGBT 00000060 w light
The border colors are for the thin line around the boxes.

box_color=000000B6			; 0x00000080 RGBT
This box color is used for the main filelist. The last byte is the
alpha value (transparency level).

selection_color=80008070 		; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
This color is used for the cursor line in the fileliste.

list_font_color=CDC9C940 		; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The filelist font color for normal files.

list_dir_font_color=FFFFE040 		; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The filelist font color for directory entries.

selection_font_color=FFB90FFF 		; 80008070 RGBT 6495ED60
The color for the font on to of the cursor line.

text_offset=0				; shift menu horizontal e.g. -1
This key shifts the screen contet to the left or the right, not only
text, even the boxes.

cd_behaviour=1				; 0=first entry 1=last entry
You can configure what happens if you leave a directory. The default setting
lets you return with the cursor over the just left directory.

scroll_behaviour=0			; 0=page-system 1=classic
The scroll behaviour lets you switch between page-wise brwosing and a
pageless filelist.

quick_boot=1				; 'START' boots last rom
If you disable that key 'START' boots roms like the 'A' button.

sound_on=1				; sounds 1=on 0=off
If you disable the sound, you might be able to navigate a bit faster.

page_display=1				; display page - 1=on 0=off
The e.g. '1/4' in front of SD:// on top of the filelist

tv_mode=0				; 1=ntsc 2=pal 3=mpal 0=force_off
This is the key where you can force the menu to 60Hz if you are on PAL.
It's very useful if you have a RGB modded n64.

enable_colored_list=1			; 1=enable 0=disalbe
This is the on/off switch for the rating colors in the filelist.
If you have rated a lot of games and have performance issues, try to disable it.

ext_type=0				; 0=classic 1=OS64
ALT64 classics: e4k,e16,srm,128,fla
 OS64 settings: eep,eep,sra,sra,fla

sd_speed=2				; 1=25MHz 2=50MHz
50/60Hz SDCard settings just like in the original menu

background_image=background.png		; backgrund png image 320x240 32bit
The name of the wallpaper in '/ED64/WALLPAPER'.

menu_font=TINYTYPE.pf			; pixelfont file
font file

hide_sysfolder=0			; 1=hide 0=don't hide
With this setting you decide if, you want to hide 'ED64' from the fileliste.

mempak_path=/MEMPAKS/			; surround with slashes
The default save path for new mempak-backups (when you enter the filename).

save_path=SDSAVE			; save directory inside ED64
If you decide to use your old savegames you could change this to 'SAVE' and
'ext_type' to '1', instead of renaming the files. :>

name = saturnu       			; Username
Maybe it's useful for further customization, but now it's just a leftover
of a example ini. ^^

save_path=/ED64/SDSAVE/			; save directory surround with slashes
tv_mode=0				; 1=ntsc 2=pal 3=mpal 0=force_off
The gblite version auf gnuboy64 uses this two entries.
With the 'tv_mode' key you can force 60Hz like the setting for the menu itself.
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