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Acheter un verre cristal Sapphire de 34mm, de hauteur 3mm et d'épaisseur 1.5mm, on en trouve par exemple sur eBay (34mm Sapphire glass Double-Domed).

Il faut ensuite l'équipement suivant :

  • Watch Case Closer & Crystal Press Tool w/ 29 Dies - I chose this one for the various die sizes since I needed dies to fit my watch and then a bigger mens watch. They have other presses with less dies
  • Watch Crystal Glue Clear Ultraviolet Adhesives UV 2 mL with Precision Applicator Tip - I used this in lieu of a gasket since I couldn't find the right sized gasket to buy, and I damaged mine when I was removing the broken. Sounds like yours might be resusable if you carefully remove the existing glass carefully. Original set up did appear to have adhesive + the gasket so keep that in mind. This also requires a UV light to cure the glue, but if you do go this route, you'll need one or at least borrow someone's for 1min. ( I already had one for other purposes)
  • Selvyt Gemstone and Jewelry Polishing Cloth 5“ x 5” - not necessarily required. I'm sure a microfiber cloth would work just fine.

Some other things to note: My mineral glass was shattered so it was easy to remove the glass without having to take off the back (although, that's not difficult and can be done with the reset tool that came with the watch). The watch press will be useful in pressing the current glass out and then pressing the new sapphire crystal in. It's not too much work, but for the price I paid, I could have almost bought a new watch (but the glass would have scratched easily). I love the look of the watch more with the replacement glass and it's held up so much better than the original mineral glass. I'm very rough on the watch and there hasn't been any scratches on the crystal.

Here's an album of the before and after

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